What is LOST HISTORY about?

Lost History shows global readers that many of the
foundations of modern civilization rest in the Muslim
past. These often-forgotten breakthroughs in mathe-
matics, astronomy, science, medicine, engineering, the
arts, architecture, tolerance of diversity and civic leader-
ship were undertaken by courageous men and women
representing multiple faiths and ethnicities.
To Muslim-supported thinkers of 1000 years ago like
al-Khwarizmi and Omar Khayyam we owe things like
algebra and algorithms, enabling today’s laptops and
cell phones, our global economy and feats of engineer-
ing like skyscrapers and the Space Shuttle.
To figures like Ibn al-Haytham and al-Tusi we owe modern optical theory, the names
of many stars, and a sense of the solar system that enabled Galileo and Copernicus to
see the earth orbiting the sun, leading to today’s satellites and space travel.
To al-Zahrawi and Maimonides and Ibn Sina and al-Razi we owe the first modern
cardiology and antiseptics and antibiotics, the first sutures and obstetric forceps, the
first modern insane asylums and psychotherapy.
To forgotten engineers and inventors like Jabir and al-Jazari we owe the foundations of
modern chemistry and engineering, the first torpedo, and the first glider flight by Ibn
Firnas in Spain 1200 years ago.
To Muslim culture we owe architectural sites like the Taj Mahal and the Alhambra,
Tales of 1001 Nights, Ali Baba and Aladdin and Sinbad, higher musical theory and the
winding patterns and designs of Muslim art.
We are indebted to the Muslims for universities and libraries, and enlightened leaders
like Suleiman the Magnificent, Saladin, Akbar the Great and Princess Jahanara.

LOST HISTORY is being considered for adaptation to television documentary form.
The television project has been assisted by HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Kingdom

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